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eTwinning Project
Music Through Regions and Ages

Josephine Ebejer Grech (San Gorg Preca BJL Hamrun Malta)

The first research that the students did as an introduction to this eTwinning project is “Maltese Folklore”. We invite you to see the power point here.

After understanding what is “Maltese Folklore” and understanding our history regarding lifestyles, then, the students started doing research about “The History Of Music In The Maltese Islands”. We invite you to see our research as presented in the power point here:

After understanding “The History of Music in Malta”, the students continued their research about the first styles of singing i.e. “Ghana”. This is a traditional style of singing, accompanied by guitars and other string instruments that the Maltese people built themselves. Read and follow this power point about “Maltese Ghana”.

We hope that so far you are finding this web-site very interesting. We are learning a lot about Music in Malta thanks to this eTwinning project. After understanding how Maltese ‘ghana’ started, and how it evolved by years, we encountered some information about “Il-Banda”. As from 1800, there started band clubs formation in Malta. Click on the page "Il-Banda" from the menu button on the upper right hand side of this page to see what we found about “Band Clubs in the Maltese Islands”: